Back in September 5,2014,When I started on this wikia,it is really cool actually,but I made only some threads and met the Only Active Contributors who are not staff here,Galactic Ruler and ShadowWolf,They had been helping me until November 7th,On exactly November 7th,2014 11:11 am (A pretty time coincidence actually) I exactly learned how to code CSS and HTML,and I thought about learning JavaScript which I am now.Another Special Person who sticked with me since my Day One,is Spottra,The people who taught me things,scold me,tell me,help me and most of all be friends with me.I got to admit I didn't like his username at first and I can't seem to remember why.So I kept Editing and Editing and Editing till I met T-Bacon and Stan890 which is now a rollback,Another coincidence is he joined on my birthday,great timing by the way,When I reached my First Thousand,I met LavaHound's Brother,MagmaHound,He is really calm and of course active,he has been making Strategy Guides since 1287,nah just kidding,Since his Day One on her,I think his aim is Making Strategy Guides for People,I was thinking of telling that his Strategy Guides is off everybody's guides.His guides is explainable,when you read it,It will inspire you to make more,so lots of editing again and again and I finally reached My Second Thousand,It is really hard I supposed,I also not forgetting someone am I????Am I forgetting someone,now this guy will probably say "-_- It is me Zaz",Awesome Yoyo which is not awesome at all but a cool guy,I got to admit again,he said "I don't know how to code" but I dont believe him,Look at his sandbox if you want to prove I'm wrong,Utkar22 is also a friend of mine which is kind of like my ummmmmm let me think for a second(5 minutes) finally!I still don't know,Well I think I scold him a lot,which is not great but my scolding is correct,I never accuse people.Editing Editing Editing 3K,Editing Editing,4K,Editing Editing 4.5K,and Exactly in 4,289 edits,I learned how to code templates which is my main project for now and (I'm typing this and saw my Charger is 61% didn't notice) lots of stuff,so here I am waiting for the next MHC which I bet is ShadowWolf will be the next one,and I am thanking everybody who supported me until now in April.This is my way of celebrating 51 hundred edits in the wiki so I forgot something,someone who is my teachers who help me out,Brady and Infi,Thanks guys for help,Brady Infi and Spottra,you guys will always be my teachers! So peace out!

See You,Bye Bye.

Zazme Yakuza Contact Me Edits 14:34,24-Apr-2015


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