Hello,Chief,This is what i call people so don't get confused by it!

What Normal People Call Em What I Call Em
Spottra Spott
Infinity Infi
Brady BrB XD Just Kidding (Brad)
Stan Stanley/Pizza Guy/Fawkes!!!
Galactic GR,It is like Game Regional
Magma MH or Houndy
Bacon Baconator/Beacon
ShadowWolf SW,Like SuperWalmart
Yoyo Nyan Guy -_-
Utkar Notifications Spammer,Every Time I check it is always like Utkar here Utkar There
Barb of the North BotN
Hidye Hide yerself
Chief Chief
There Hope You Like Your Honorifics,Also if you Want Call Me ZY or Zaz

Zazme Yakuza Contact Me Edits 06:19,4-Apr-2015

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