Once Upon A Time

So many raids ago

that day I came online

the one you'd always know

you raided me,you raided me,you raided me me me me me

I joined in to your clan

and it was then I saw

the defenses that were made

and loots that galore

You showed me,You showed me,You showed me me me me me

and then,in the dark of the niiiight,is the sound that you hear,When my army is filled,it's just as you feared!

Chorus: You knew I was trouble when I joined in but the elder didn't know no no.

So much loots where to begin

'cause it is time to burn it to the ground

You knew I was trouble when I joined in but the elder didn't know no no.

I just raided your everything!and I'm spying on your war right now,Yeah,Yeah,Yeah

I'm trouble (yeah,I'm spying on your friends right now)trouble trouble,Yeah,Yeah,Yeah I'm trouble trouble.

On a brand new day,the players were surprised,to see a flaming base,right before their eyes

All looted away,looted away,looted away,way way way.

So many hours of raid,and training all around.

And so you joined a clan to track me down

And Take revenge,Take Revenge,Take Revenge,venge venge venge.

But now I am loooooong gone.You don't know what to do.

And you realize,THE BLAME IS ON YOU!!!YEAH! (Repeat Chorus)

And when the war had begun,don't you think I am done

You can't stop me now,Oh no,not you or anything or anyone!Yeahhh! (Repeat Chorus)

This is I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift,just a parody,HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT

Zazme Yakuza Contact Me Edits 02:13,12-Jul-2015

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