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Well Chief, Clans are an optional feature in Clash of Clans but are highly recommended.To join a clan you must rebuild your Clan Castle, which costs 10000 gold, and your clan castle will be unlocked by the time you are a th4. But you should not start a clan as soon as you build the clan castle and you have the required gold, 40,000. It is just a waste of precious gold as nobody will join your clan and finally you also have to leave, which will dissolve your clan. Use that precious gold for something else like upgrading defenses, Elixir stuff, or your Town Hall.

Starting a New Clan

So when should you start a new clan. It depends on what type of clan do you want to run, but preferably your first clan should be made when you have the Barbarian King. Try to have a level 3 Clan Castle.

Types of Clans

Before starting you should decide what type of clan do you want.

1. Warring Clan: In this type of clan you have constant war, those people who do not attack in consecutive wars and perform poorly are kicked out.

2. Pushing Clan: People in these clan push their trophies to reach the leaderboards

3. Farming Clan: People in these clans drop to low trophy count so that the overall trophy count of the pushing clan doesn't drop low. These types of clans are usually Feeder clans of big clans.

4. Newbie Clan: Weak people join this clan. These clans are also usually feeder clans.

5. Donation Clan: These clans encourage hoppers. People join the clan request troops, a staff member of the clan gives them troops (usually Barbarians) and they leave. These clan are usually named Req N Leave, Req N GFTO or CC Fill. These clans usually have people with the most donation count and people will join to complete their Friend In Need Achievement.

Work Beforehand

As I told you don't start a clan until you reach TH6 or TH7. If you start before, people wont join and make fun of you in global, calling you a noob. And even if someone joins then they will ask for leader. Until that time join a clan type you want to make. For example, my clan "the smarties" is a war clan and I stayed for a long time in "fine home wario", another war clan. Earn through the ranks and become a co-leader. Learn administrating the clan. When you are ready making the new clan gather some friends. Virtual or real. Ask your real life friends to help you. Some friends made in your old clan may come along with you.(WARNING: If you are a Co Leader, then don't send a clan mail stating that join your new clan. It creates problem and clan trolls)

Choosing a Name

Yes, this is an important part. The clan's name can never change, and it is set during the creation of the clan. And this is one thing that attracts a lot of players. The name mostly depends on what type of clan you are making, like req and leave for donation, but if you keep the name req and leave for war clans, people will come just for troops, and not stay. Leaving donation clans and feeder clans aside(feeders need to have names related to the main clan):

  • Choose a good and unique name, since if there are many clans with same name, there are bound to be problems.
  • Stay away from names of famous and leaderboard clans
  • Don't keep offensive names
  • Choose an interesting name

A rule of thumb would be: if you search up the name and you get results that fill up the entire page with that name then don't use it.

Names not to use

These names will make your clan look stupid, and will turn away potential good members.

  1. Join
  2. Clan
  3. Here
  4. Plz Join
  5. My Clan
  6. Mine
  7. Best Clan Ever
  8. Free Elder
  9. Free Co-leader
  10. Pro Clan
  11. No Noobs

All names cannot be listed here, but you get the idea.

Clan Badge

You can always change the clan badge, but it is better to not change the badge much, as it will cause difficulty for people to join. With the February update, you can customize the clan badge. You can choose from any of the below designs.

Symbol 1 Symbol 2 Symbol 3 Symbol 4 Symbol 5
Symbol 6 Symbol 7 Symbol 8 Symbol 9 Symbol 10
Symbol 11 Symbol 12 Symbol 13 Symbol 14 Symbol 15
Symbol 16 Symbol 17 Symbol 18 Symbol 19 Symbol 20
Symbol 21 Symbol 22 Symbol 23 Symbol 24 Symbol 25
Symbol 26 Symbol 27 Symbol 28 Symbol 29 Symbol 30
Symbol 31 Symbol 32 Symbol 33 Symbol 34 Symbol 35
Symbol 36 Symbol 37 Symbol 38 Symbol 39 Symbol 40
Symbol 41 Symbol 42 Symbol 43 Symbol 44 Symbol 45
Symbol 46 Symbol 47 Symbol 48 Symbol 49 Symbol 50

Pattern 1 Pattern 2 Pattern 3 Pattern 4 Pattern 5
Pattern 6 Pattern 7 Pattern 8 Pattern 9 Pattern 10
Pattern 11 Pattern 12 Pattern 13 Pattern 14 Pattern 15
Pattern 16 Pattern 17 Pattern 18 Pattern 19 Pattern 20
Pattern 21 Pattern 22 Pattern 23 Pattern 24 Pattern 25
Pattern 26 Pattern 27 Pattern 28 Pattern 29 Pattern 30
Pattern 31 Pattern 32 Pattern 33 Pattern 34 Pattern 35
Pattern 36 Pattern 37 Pattern 38 Pattern 39 Pattern 40
Pattern 41 Pattern 42 Pattern 43 Pattern 44 Pattern 45
Pattern 46 Pattern 47 Pattern 48 Pattern 49 Pattern 50
Pattern 51 Pattern 52 Pattern 53 Pattern 54 Pattern 55
Pattern 56 Pattern 57 Pattern 58 Pattern 59 Pattern 60
Pattern 61 Pattern 62 Pattern 63 Pattern 64 Pattern 65
Pattern 66 Pattern 67 Pattern 68 Pattern 69 Pattern 70
Pattern 71 Pattern 72 Pattern 73 Pattern 74 Pattern 75
Pattern 76 Pattern 77 Pattern 78 Pattern 79

Background 1 Background 2 Background 3 Background 4 Background 5
Background 6 Background 7 Background 8 Background 9 Background 10
Background 11 Background 12


Writing this during founding a clan is optional, but it is recommended to write this as soon as you can. You can change it anytime. It is recommended to write the clan rules on the description, as people joining know it.


It is important to know about the ranks in the clan. There are 4 ranks in a clan, member, elder, co-leader and leader. They all have their own functions.


Leader has the uppermost responsibility to run a clan. When you start a clan, you become the leader. A leader can do anything. He can promote anyone, even a co leader to leader position but in turn will self demote to a co leader. Leader can demote anyone, including himself, which happens when he promotes a co to leader. Leader can send clan mails, start and cancel war searches, edit the clan settings. In short he has all powers to become the dictator of a clan.

The leader can invite clan-less members and accept or reject requests to join the clan.


A co-leader has almost the same powers as the leaders, however, a co-leader cannot kick, demote or promote (to leader) another co-leader. A co-leader can kick out members and elders, and promote members and elders to elder and co-leader respectively. Like the leader. co-leaders can send clan mails, start and cancel war searches, edit the clan settings. A co-leader can be promoted to leader, which demotes the leader to co-leader.

There can be multiple co-leaders (at max 49), or none at all. However it is recommended to have around 7 to 8 co-leaders, once your clan grows. The number of co-leaders your clan should have depends on the number of the number of members in your clan; small clans require lower amount of co-leaders.

Like the leader, a co-leader can invite clan-less members and accept or reject requests to join the clan.


A member can be promoted to an elder by the leader or a co-leader. An elder has much less powers. An elder can invite clan-less members and accept or reject requests to join the clan. Elders can kick members, however with a cooldown period of 20 minutes. An elder cannot promote a member.


A member has no power, and is the rank when a player joins a clan.

Creating the clan

For creating a clan, you need 40,000 gold. Once you have that amount, leave your old clan. There will be 4 tabs, My Profile, Join Clan, Create Clan and Clan Bookmarks. Open the Create Clan tab. You will have to fill this form:

Clan Name:**



Clan Type:

Minimum Trophies to Join:

War Frequency:

Clan Location:

Just started

After you fill up this form, you will receive a message saying "You have successfully found a new clan". You will be the only person in the clan at the time, but the main goal of a clan is to collaborate, so keep the clan type anyone can join, minimum trophies 0.

Really early recruiting

Currently, what you can do is to call your friend, whom you have ask to help. You can also ask a few other friends to help for a week or so, until your clan is established. Also, you can create a few extra accounts (and kick them later) to fill some space.

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