List of Verified users:

Userpage Verified user Verified as Verification date
User:GorillaMan GorillaMan Wiki Staff 11:53am 21 Sep 2013
User:Lugia101101 Lugia101101 Wiki Staff 11:54am 21 Sep 2013
User:Spottra Spottra Wiki Staff 11:54am 21 Sep 2013
User:Badw0lf007 Badw0lf007 Wiki Staff 11:54am 21 Sep 2013
User:MaddenDvinik MaddenDvinik YouTuber 11:36am 22 Sep 2013
User:Brady55 Brady55 Wiki Staff 3:20pm 9 Jan 2015
User:Infinity323 Infinity323 Wiki Staff 6:53pm 18 May 2015
User:Flammmy Flammmy YouTuber 6:53pm 18 May 2015
User:ClashOfClansOfficial ClashofClansOfficial Supercell Staff 6:53pm 18 May 2015

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