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  • Summary
    • Introduced in the Halloween update on September 30, 2013, Village Edit Mode is unlocked when your Town Hall reaches level 3.
    • It enables the user to quickly clear their village space, so they can spend more time carefully designing their new base.
    • Your village layouts are saved automatically when you close the app in Village Edit Mode.
    • Going into village edit mode doesn't prevent you from being raided.
    • It can help to notice new obstacles and remove them.
    • You can remove buildings and put them into your inventory, allowing you to change your village more efficiently. Your inventory is separated by building type and level. In addition, you will be told how many of each building you have.

  • Mechanics
Village Edit Mode Icon GeorgeYao
  • Village Edit Mode can be accessed from the icon that looks like this (located on the right side of your screen).
Image remove all
  • Removes all buildings off the screen and into the building list. All buildings, traps and decorations must be back on the village screen to save your new village.
Image erase mode off
EditMode SaveVillage
EditMode ExitVillage
  • Exit the Village Edit Mode to your previous layout.

  • Trivia
    • Village edit mode allows you to see the invalid/valid spawn locations of raiding players, previously only seen for a brief second after you move Buildings or Walls.
    • As of the 29 January 2014 update, Obstacles can now be cleared in Village Edit Mode, though they still require resources, time and a free Builder.
    • As of the December 2014 update, you can now save multiple bases and switch between them quickly.
    • You are not able to upgrade Buildings while in this mode.
    • In a case of a disconnection, you can go back to Village Edit Mode and continue editing your layout in its current state before the disconnection happened.

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