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What this guide is about

This guide is basically about farming. This guide was mainly targeted to players who want to know about farming and how to do it.


NOTE: You don't have to read this if you know what farming is.

Farming is basically hunting for resources. While farming, you put your Town Hall outside so that players can just attack it giving you a free Shield for 12 hours which will protect your resources. You also use cheap army compositions that don't take a long time to train. When you're farming, you don't care too much about trophies since you are mainly after the loot.Just because you don't care too much about trophies doesn't mean you should forget about them because trophies are what put you in a league.

Your Base

When building a farming base, you should put your town hall outside so that people can destroy it and give you a shield for 12 hours.

*Note: With the December 10th 2015 update, Town Hall destruction no longer grants a shield. Thus, finding farmers with exposed Town Halls is now much more time-consuming than regular raiding.

It is important to keep your storages near splash defenses(Wizard Towers,Mortars). You should never put all your storages in one compartment because once the person attacking you chooses to attack the rest of your base and reaches that compartment with all the storages in it, say goodbye to your loot. Try to put your storages in different compartments so it will be harder for an attacker that wants your loot to take all of it. Also, put your storages near the center so they are not easy to get to (duh). There are some farmers who expose their storages because they don't need that resource anymore. Per example, your done with elixir upgrades and you have lots of elixir in your elixir storages, you can put them outside of the walls or in the first layer of walls. IF it is hard for you to make a farming base, you can search some on YouTube or check out layouts.


What troops to use

When farming, try to use cheap troops like barbarians and archers so you won't use too much elixir and not have to wait for a long time for them to train. Other good troops to use when farming are goblins,minions, a few giants and wall breakers(although giants and wall breakers a bit more expensive and take more time to train). some good farming attack strategies are BARCH(barbarians and archers),BAM(barbarians,archers, and minions),BAG #1(barbarians,archers, and goblins),BAG #2(barbarians,archers, and giants), and many more!

NOTE: You can add some wall breakers to these attack strategies

What bases to look for

Bases that you should look for are bases with lot's of loot in the gold mines,elixir collectors, and dark elixir drills(if you are looking for dark elixir and can store it). You can tell if a gold mine is full if it has a good amount of gold in the wooden box beside the minecart, if an elixir collector is full when its glass tube has good amount of elixir, and if a dark elixir drill is full if its small glass container on top of it has a good amount of dark elixir stored in it. It is better to go after bases with high level resource collectors for more loot. Below are some pictures of what these resource collectors look like when they are partially filled with the resource they collect.

Now with these type of bases, an army composed of lots of tier one troops can take care of these resource collectors. It is better though to look for a base with full resource collectors that aren't behind a few walls so they are easier to get to. Now, if you have an attack strategy that has some giants, some tier 1 troops, and maybe even a few wall breakers, you can also go for bases with the resources in the storages protected by the walls. However, because these type of armies take longer to train, it is better to stick to mass tier 1 troops and look for bases with tons of resources in the resource collectors( but you can still go after these bases with the giant+ tier 1 troops strategy). The bases you should look for should have at least 100k(better if more) of each gold and elixir. If you want some dark elixir, you should go after bases with hundreds or maybe even thousands of dark elixir.


There are certain trophy leagues where you can find lots of loot.Try to play around with which league works for you by moving up trophies and moving down trophies. Most people who are dark elixir hunting usually go to crystal and above. For me as town hall 8( when I'm typing this) along with my town hall 8 clan mates usually hang around Gold III-I and Silver 1. My town hall 9 clan mates usually hang around the Crystal III-I and my town hall 10 clan mates usually hang around Crystal II-Master league


That's about it for my farming guide and my very first guide on this wiki. I hope you got to learn some things about farming in this guide.

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