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Glossary of Commonly Used Terms:

DE = Dark Elixir

Lvl = Level

TH = Town Hall

AoE = Area of Effect

BK = Barbarian King

AQ = Archer Queen

GW = Grand Warden

CC = Clan Castle


Due to the recent Clash of Clans updates, many people have found that acquiring dark elixir has become more labour-intensive. Recently, the meta strategy has been to use lightning spells or earthquake spells to try and destroy or take some dark elixir from storages which doesn't work anymore. In this guide I will tell you how to get dark elixir quickly and upgrade your heroes and dark troops. Before we begin, I would like to impress upon you the fundamentals of dark elixir raiding, listed below:

  1. Leagues. Each Town Hall level has a recommended level for farming resources. Above this level, the bases will be too hard to penetrate, and below the recommended league, the loot is often too meagre. For Town Hall 7, stay between Silver 1 and Gold 3. Town Hall 8's can be Gold 3 to Crystal 2. TH9 range is around Crystal 2 to Master 2, and Town Hall 10/11 will find most of their dark loot in Master 2 to Titan 2 (more towards Titan for TH11s, and closer to Master 2 for TH10s).
  2. Use as little Dark Elixir as possible. Generally, no more than 100 dark elixir should be consumed for Town Hall 7, no more than 150 for TH8, less than 200 for TH9, a maximum of 250 for TH10, and for Town Hall 11, try not to push past 300.
  3. Farming dark elixir is not about the gain per raid, but the gain per hour. If one raid takes 10 minutes to make and it can bring in 450 dark elixir each time, it will still be less beneficial than a raid that takes 30 minutes to prepare and can bring in 1000 dark elixir per raid.

Breakdown of Strategies by Town Hall Level

Town Hall 7s

Town Hall 7 is the start of dark elixir raiding, which means that it is also the hardest level. Of all the town hall levels that can produce and/or raid dark elixir, TH7 will generally have the weakest defences, and will generally be the easiest target. This means that if you are TH7, you will often lose a lot of dark elixir per raid ( up to 1000 in mid-late TH7). There is only one remedy to this: produce and/or steal more than you lose. At Town Hall 7, there are five efficient ways to get dark loot, each one with its own pros and cons. They are as follows:

Strategy 1: Barch (Barbarians and Archers)

Army Composition:

140 Archers, Lvl 4

50 Barbarians, Lvl 4

5 Wall Breakers, Lvl 4

CC troops: 5 Wizards, at least lvl 3 (optional)

2 Lightning Spells, at least lvl 3

1 Rage Spell, at least lvl 2


Total Cost (using minimum troop/spell lvls, excluding options) : 106 500 Elixir


How to Use Barch:

Part 1: Searching for the Perfect Base (Criteria)

- Dark Elixir Storage not in the center

- Drill is accessible

- 400+ DE

- At most 3 AoE towers along your chosen route, preferably grouped together

Performing the Attack:

  1. Deploy archers to take out any buildings in the corners.
  2. Locate your chosen entrance, and use your two Lightning Spells to damage/destroy some of the AoE towers along the route to the DE storage.
  3. Send in 20 - 25 barbarians to clear out the buildings littered in front of the walls on the side that you chose to attack (and check for traps).
  4. Send in 20 - 25 archers to assist the barbarians.
  5. Drop the wallbreakers right after the mortar shell hits, in order to give them time to detonate before another round lands.
  6. Funnel your remaining troops into the base.
  7. Drop the rage spell once your troops reach the dark elixir storage, and watch them burn through both the storage and the Town Hall
  8. Wait for the raid to end, and then walk away with your loot.

Strategy 2: GiBarch

This is a variation on the traditional Barch, with Giants being added for tanking damage.

Army Combo:

10 Giants, lvl 4

110 Archers, lvl 4

5 Wallbreakers, lvl 4

30 barbarians, level 4

1 heal spell, lvl 3+

2 lightning spells, lvl 3+

Optional CC troops: 5 wizards, lvl 3+


Total Cost (excluding options) :

Town Hall 8s

Town Hall 8 is probably the best place to farm dark elixir. This is because Town Hall 8s have more drills and bigger storages, allowing them to have more dark elixir. Strategies from previous town hall levels can be retained, except with upgraded versions of the troops/spells.

Town Hall 9s

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Town Hall 10s & 11s

To Dark Elixir farm with TH10 and 11 is not hard- once you get the hang of it. The first tip is to keep your Dark Elixir storages centralized, preferably next to the Town Hall. I personally have it directly next to my TH surrounded in defenses and walls. The second tip is to get high lvl collectors and collect regularly, before they fill up or are looted. To max out Dark Elixir gains, use this attack strategy. It is expensive and takes some dark elixir, but is worth it. For this to be effective, attack a base with 3000+ Dark Elixir.


38 balloons

30 minions

4 Rage Spells

1 Freeze Spell

1 Poison Spell

Grand Warden lvl 10+

Process: Deploy insane numbers of maxed Balloons near his Storages. Once they get inside the walls, strategically place Rage Spells to cover all the Balloons and also use the Grand Warden with his ability if you have him. Now, poison and kill the Clan Castle troops if they exist. Deploy your freeze spell whenever you find it necessary/ helpful. Then, wait until the Balloons are dead. Hopefully, all of the defenses are gone by now. Then, take out everything with single Minions, which are unburdened by defenses because the Balloons have taken them all out. If you find some Defenses remain, deploy your Heroes to finish them off.

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