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Zazme Half Lock

Table of Contents

Topic Description
Starter Guide
Town Hall2
A simple beginners guide for newbies.This guide starters/chieflings to be familiar with the game, to get to know some of the troops/defense/and much more.This type of guide is based on my personal experience,and some other people added some features and info on it.
Town Hall 6 Walkthrough
Town Hall6
This Guide is Connected to My First Guide but this is a walkthrough for Town Hall Level 6.This is a GUIDE which will help you out greatly.
Clan Wars,Just Clan Wars
This is my upcoming guide talking about clan wars,how to handle them,and what are they for,there is also varieties of strategy for defensive and offensive attacking in clan wars.This guide is open for suggestions,comment if something needs to be added.

News and Ideas
  • Zazme is currently adding contents on his guides
  • Submit your Strategy Guide Idea below!
  • If Zazme has a new screen recorder.He will start recording videos to make more clear walkthroughs.


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