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Hi Chief,This is my guide talking about clan wars,what they are for, benefits of clan wars and variety of strategies for offense and defense in clan war, some attack strategies and others; I hope you enjoy reading my guide.


What is a clan war? It is an epic battle about 2 clans fighting each other for stars and battling it out.Here is a slideshow illustrating the clan war:

  • This is your enemy clan,this is your rival on getting stars.Destroy them to win.
  • This is your Friendly Clan,your allies on destroying the enemy clan.Cooperate with them to win

In picture one it shows the enemy clan,on picture two is the friendly clan which means your clan.

Enemy Clan

As shown on picture one, the picture there is the enemy clan. They have the ability to win stars from your base. They can even win the war. But sometimes they have a sneaky tricks to spy on your clan.

Friendly/Ally Clan

As shown on picture two,the picture is your clan,You possess the same right/ability to attack, and also win.For you to win clan wars you just need to cooperate with your allies.

Benefits of Clan War

What are the benefits of clan wars? Are the benefits useful? Does it help out our clan and me? Well,In the recent updates, there is too much help in clan wars; Loot, Clan XP=Clan Perks, the War Hero and Spoils of War Achievements, Everything is great. Yes,they are,and it helps out a lot. Attacking high bases in clan war and getting 1 star is great, but hey, I'm not encouraging you to get 1 star,unless you wanna get your *** kicked.

Loot Benefits

All people want big loots including you and me.This helps us too upgrade troops in laboratory and many others.In clan war,if you are confused,the loot you get is calculated on the you will attack base and your base.The higher base you attack,the higher loot you get.And it will give it to you in the clan castle.

Clan Perks Benefits

Everybody likes clan perks,and everybody aims for the powerful clan perk,The Donation Troop Upgrade!Everybody likes this thing,even us on the wiki,make sure you win the clan war to get high loot and XP

Level5Perk Level10Perk

Attacking Benefits

Actually,when you are attacking,you notice that you are getting better just by attacking with the composition repeatedly.Sometimes you failed to do that attack,so you learn from your mistakes,that's what benefits you.You just keep on pushing on from that to make it perfect.

Disadvantages in Clan War

Since there are advantages in clan wars,there are also disadvantages,this counts,loots,opt-in/opt-out,strategies,and much more about it;Here are the Disavantages.

Loot Disadvantage

Everybody knows this is not supposed to be true,well guess what?This is,everytime a 24/7 War Clan have this trouble sometimes,due to wars,consecutive ones,the participants aren't allowed to gain loot especially when they only get 2 stars all in all,that isn't much loot.Clan Wars can actually drain you,especially when you are using High Elixir cost compositions,You should tell your clan to war like 2 times a week.

Opt-in and Opt-out Options

Well,worst-case scenario since that update,leaders can control the participants to join or not,counting me in it,I'm one of that.Leaders and Co-Leaders just put players in clan wars without telling them,unless you tell an excuse for it.Some leaders and co-leaders just not respect the decision of the players in clash of clans.So what you should do in this thing is:Tell,Argue,Make things clear,For short TAM them out.


It is more likely that in clan wars there will be arguments,specially the losing team,strategies,and attack,you name it,losing team argue about that,The worst-case scenario will be likely for the clan to break apart.

How to participate in Clan War

How do you exactly participate in clan war?There are many ways of participating in Clan Wars and These are:

Opt-In/Opt-Out Options

There is an option in your Player's Profile that allows you to switch the options in your Opt Options,Here is some step by step images for that:



Well,this is moreover the essential way to do it,Leader and Co-Leader/s have the ability to choose who will the pick for the upcoming war,just ask and also do it nicely.

What is Clan Wars matchmaking?

Let me ask you here,what do you really think is the base of Clan Wars Matchmaking,is it trophy count or the bases and status of the clan?The answer is bases that might work out or not for your clan.

Well you see that 90 stars in 30 bases how did that occur with trophies at all,what i'm trying to say it you need to understand how Clan War works,if you review it clearly,sometimes you see that if you use Mirror Strategy in Clan War you see that sometimes your base isn't match to the base you are gonna attack,who said that you will attack that base anyway,I know your clan told you but did SUPERCELL did,no!That is why you need to look for the base you are compatible with.

How to deal with Mismatched Clan Wars

Having a mismatched clan war is really hard,it needs critical thinking to win especially when it is really mismatched,but check this out,mismatched clans?They're very easy to deal with just either attack 1 or 2 down from your number, if you are actually in "the end spot" use your first attack on your mirror number and then, reveal some traps for the number one player in your clan.

The Do's and Don'ts in CW's

Well this actually takes time to pick up on a fresh start clan,here are the Do's

Do's in CW

  1. Donate Troops in your clan's Clan Castle,People donate troops during preparation day for additional defense percentage.
  2. When you donate troops make sure they are high leveled so it makes the opponent harder to attack
  3. When you are gonna attack,Make sure that you have a full Clan Castle,they can turn the tide.
  4. Bring spells also,they are one of the most efficient helper in you CW attack.
  5. Ask for attack advices in your strong members.Especially the experienced one.
  6. Attack Twice in Clan Wars.
  7. Make sure to keep your clan closed or on invite only state,so you can prevent being spyed.

Dont's in CW

  1. Do not just freely snipe a Town Hall without permission
  2. Do not attack lower numbers leave them for the newbies (unless you are a clean-up)
  3. Do not use a farming army
  4. Do not forget to lure CC troops and Bring your spells
  5. Most of all bring a pocket wifi with you,People tend to miss wars due to no wifi or internet connection,That is if you do have one.

Clan Wars Strategies

Most of you knows what Strategies you will use for clan wars especially when it comes to the bases,Here are some examples of frequently used Strategy for Clan Wars by No.

ClanWarsFamous Town Hall 6 Strategies

A giant-healer strategy is actually a common strategy for Town Hall 6 because they are the only thing that Town Hall 6 can best afford,but first you will need this:


In most air raids this thing is really popular.I commonly use it often when raiding,This strategy could get 3 stars or 2 at minimum when always dropped at the same spot this things can cause major destructions at bases,If you use them wisely enough they can take the job and give you money for the taking,Here is a walkthrough guide where you can win 2 stars at least:

First of all here are some bases that are always can get destroyed by Balloonarcher:

  • This base is completely vulnerable for Balloonarchers
  • This base has it's Air Defense Exposed,It can easily be defeated

How to destroy the base 1:

The base which is shown is actually quite easy to defeat but if possible we can use archers and barbarians to take time:


Here are some steps,this is sponsored by Sharingan and Pages:

First of all let us start with picking the right troop for every tiles,this will actually prevent the ruination of this attack situated at the figure.Furthermore, if you are using Balloonarchers you will need to be dealing with Both Prefectual Target of the Clan Castle troops,such as Archers,Minions,Wizards,and Others...

Here is some ways to deal with clan castle troops:

CC Content Only How to Destroy
Using Circle of Archers
Dragon,Wizard and Archers,Valkyrie with Wiz, Simply just surround them with 10-20 archers and including a balloon in your clan castle or wizards
Lightning Spells
Giants,Wizard with Archers (clustered),Archers by level (clustered) Using this graduate from the harry potter,surround the wiz around the enemy CC troop and this will actually do some damage or destroy them

How to Destroy Base 1? (Step by Step Tutorial)

Note:Figure is actually converted into step this time,please bear with it

Step 1

Firstly you need to take out the clan castle troops because balloons cannot aim to them.The intersection points is probably a problem to you,because when they intersect the attack damage becomes more aggressive and more high chance of losing.Apparently we should take the chance of intersections.

Step 2

As I said in Step 1 take advantage of intersections you might think they are useless but they are deadly,DROP WISELY


  • Figure 1
  • Figure 2
  • Figure 3
  • Figure 4
  • Figure 5
  • Figure 6
  • Figure 7
  • Figure 8
  • Figure 8.1
  • Figure 9

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