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Zazme Half Lock


Hey Chief, Have you seen my last guide? That Guide is only about TH 4-5 Defensive Strategies. This Guide will give you a variety of strategies for TH6 such as Offensive,Defensive and how to Deal with Big Leagues. This guide will also provide advice and tips

Offensive Strategy

We should first get through the Offensives.

How Should I Attack Higher TH's Without Losing Trophies? Start Off With A Giant-Healer attack if in Mid-TH6 if not,Try using Balloons with Archers.

Attacking Bases in Higher Leagues isn't a BIG PROBLEM at all.Since I've done some investigation.Many People use Giant-Healer attack,But Sadly 65% of them failed.You have your spell factory right?Frequently,Train 2 Heal Spell.That can keep the job done!

Here are some basic strategies for TH6:

Keep Track Of Your Progress

Keeping Track of Your Progress Makes Your Attacking Better at All.You Should Aim For Trophies or Loot.50% Gives the First Star.1 for the Town Hall.The Last One is for The Last Building Left.Here Are Some Frequently Ask Questions:

Is Rushing To TH7 Ok? Nope,Rushing To TH7 Won't Help.Instead It Can Cause You Problems like:Having To Add More Buildings from Time to Time.Also it would cause problems on your resources.

Does Trophy Farming Help Me Out? Yes it does,League Bonus is the Reason.Having High League Bonus for Just Having One Star Helps Out A lot.

Should I Upgrade My Troops Fast? Yes,Upgrading Your Troops Fast WILL Help you out.Experts in Clash recommend to keep your lab busy 24/7.But Balance Your Upgrading on Defense and Troops.

Defensive Strategy

How To Make Too Much Upgrades (Farmers Only)

In Farming,Having Too Much Loot Will Be Troublesome.Having To Protect That Loot All the Time.I recommend upgrading Defenses,Troops,Resources,And Buying Decoration can be of help.Stuck Where to Upgrade First in Defenses,Take it all here.

How to have a Balanced Base When Farming?

Having A Balanced Base in Farming means Having to Protect your Loot.

Here are some examples of a balanced base for farming:


Red =Giants

Violet =Archers

Yellow =Traps That Will Be Possibly Disabled

Black=Buildings that can be destroyed 100%


So,Pros and Cons of The Base


  • Trophy Farmers are easy to lure on the Town Hall
  • Trophy Farmers attacking Town Hall can suffer a 40%-60% chance of winning,because of the Cannon Range.


  • As You See I have shown a path through the Giants which they can attack and Take The Loot.
  • Suffering a Lost of Loot Because of Giant-Healer Attack.
  • Having To Lose. both Trophies And Loot due to Higher Level BaRch Attack.

To Farm A Good Loot it may take sometime to have an inactive base to show up be patient.

An inactive base is a treasure to farmers.Why? because the loot is a huge number ranging from 200,000-500,000 resources.

Being Active Serves As Shield

Being ACTIVE in Clash Of Clans doesn't mean your addicted to it.Being Active Will Serve You as A Shield.In TH6,Many People Has Been Active to Protect Their Loot And Trophy.Here are the Basics of What You Should Do When Active.

  • Farm Or Attack As Usual
  • Upgrade Defenses and Some Supporting Buildings
  • Check On Your Clan To Give Out Updates
  • Chat On Global And Sometimes Recruit.

Sometimes,Some People Are Inactive,Don't be Like Them,There are clans that are barely active because they resigned on clash of clans.Never Be Like That!

Clan Wars,All Info for TH6

So here is some brief summary for Clan Wars,Everybody likes to join clan war because of the loot and advantages for practice to raid.In TH6,Many People are quite using a giant-healer combo attack.Sorry to say,People who practice Giant-Healer sometimes miserably failed.I will give you some tips in tricks for Offensive and Defensive Strategy for TH6 Clan Wars.

Offensive Strategy

Here is some tips for it:

Tip #:Be Prepared when attacking,Troops,Spells,CC Troops,you name it!

Tip #:Prepare a Strategy for where you will drop your troops and spells.

Tip #:Scout to Plan;Many War-Players scout before they attack,some use X-Mod,X-Mod is a hack for statistics in clash,you can search any loot desire you want and normally,when you have trained troops ready for war just activate it and scout you can attack the desired player for practice (if done nothing will be affected,troops nor money or resources.)X-Mod Requires Only Root Devices to be installed.

There is a note written for the staff below this: Note:I am neither advertising a hack nor encouraging people to download it,I am just explaining the things that I have learned.I am just sharing info for you guys to know

There are many options to be used for attacking and I will give you some army compositions of some th6 clashers:

Giant-6 Healer(2) Arch7

Giant-Healer Attack

How Can I Deliver A Successful Attack? Just Search Something About That and Follow the Execution Step by Step.

Defensive Strategy

I'm teach you some tips and tricks for war in clash of clans.Having a great defense is just as important as offensive attacking.Here is some example of a base you can use for a clan war.(Note:Even though you can see TH8 it is still has the buildings of TH6 and also the building limitations.)


So Pros and Cons


    • It can defend on Higher TH6 and Can only achieve 1 star.
    • The Traps is likely where there troops will be dropped.
    • The Base Is Anti-Healer.


    • High Giant-Healer Attack will be more likely to get 3 star.
    • Mass BAW is likely to get 2 or more stars.

Why do I need a defensive base for clan war that is strong enough?It is because having defensive base that is too strong decreases the chances of the enemy clan of winning the war.

I see someone in their clan that is leaving his TH outside. According to me that is part of their plan and before the war starts,the base changes.But sometimes this is a part of strategy.The other clan pretends to be inactive and attacks when it is 10 hours left,in the 14 hours the other clan is being encourage to think that they are inactive and attack the bases that has it's TH outside

Farming Guide

What is Farming?Farming is an act used by players to get much resources and sometimes forget about their trophies.

There are many types of farming,DE Farming,Trophy Farming,Resource Farming,Builder Farming,etc.

Dark elixir Dark Elixir farming's goal is to get a Barbarian King,Or Upgrade A DE Troop

Trophy Trophy Farming is about getting gems,or joining specific clan.

ElixirGold Resource Farming is simply attacking Abandoned or Inactive Bases To get High Loots.

Dark Elixir Farming

This is Only For TH7,this won't help you until your TH7

Trophy Farming

Have you ever seen someone level 42 on champion league?Anyone who is low but is in high league?People do that to get higher loot bonus or join a high trophy of a specific clan,Like the Quantum's Web.

Do you want to know how to trophy farm,here are some ways to do this: Archers are the most used troops in Trophy Farming.Even though Barbarians are cheaper.

The most likely target of a Trophy Farmer is a Resource Farmer.

Here is some facts about the top 10 clans in the leaderboards:

  1. Quantum's Web is the all time champion of the leaderboards ever since Mega Empire was created.
  2. The Top 10 is actually always pushing when the clan tournaments time left is 1 day.
  3. The Most Commonly Seen Clan In the Leaderboards are Quantum's Web,Battle Rage,Mega Empire,North 44,C.N.,Kings Rock.
  4. The First Player To Reach 4000 Trophies is Jorge Yao,He used the Mass Dragon Strategy to get stars from the enemy clan.But he isn't the first player to reach the 4000 trophies without using money

Resource Farmers

Resource Farmers or simply "Farmers",Aim for a high loot,Ranging from 200K to 500K.Actually there are many farmers lurking around,They aim for big loots!Farming resources is about patience,If you are lucky enough you might even get 500K above

Here is inactive bases with really high loot:

  • An Extremely Abandoned Base with Separated Buildings,Mostly All Loot is at the Collectors and Mines
  • Rushed and Inactive Base,All Loot is in Collectors and Mines

As you can see at the slideshow for the slide one,that base is a rare base,and we can't actually get it always.As for slide two you can see that it is a rushed base and it has been inactive.This loots are never always found.They are rare.If you look patiently you can get it.

What are the best army compositions for farming resources? If you were saving loots,that would count,Barch and BAG.

Conclusion: Therefore,it is not easy,making yourself at home in TH6,it is still fun,but you need patience.Gemming is a choice.You can gem,you can hack,but you will still lose something important,"the experience and fun" in playing it.You learn that's why,making this guide isn't easy either but if you have patience you can walk yourself through.

Special Thanks: Special Thanks to MagmaHound for correction and inspiration,Also to Stan.

Don't know CoC Shortcuts?,Go Here

More Coming Soon


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