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Clearing Misconceptions

Hello, welcome to my guide about engineering. First of all, we'll need to clarify and clear misconceptions about the subject.

  • Engineering isn't the same as strategic rushing.
  • Engineering doesn't necessarily mean a defenseless base, albeit it can be.
  • Engineering isn't an exploit, it's a strategy used but against the common ethics
  • Engineering doesn't affect multiplayer, it only affects war weight, hence only affects war.

Now that we've ran over and cleared misconceptions about engineering, let's proceed to the basics.

The Basics

First of all that you need to know is that each building or rather defense related buildings(e.g. Cannons, Mortars, Air Defenses etc) have their own weight, with some relatively to astoundingly higher than others.

Including here, is focusing more on offense such as troop and spell upgrades. This also includes Heroes which play an important role in war. Remember that farming/saving up for upgrades is much harder so engineering is only for those who have the time to do so. Engineering affects the war weight of the clan positively most of the time, unless getting matched up with heavily engineers. War weight is the toy here, it's all about playing with the war weight can you turn tables of that bloody red war log.

Understanding how war weight affects matchmaking

So how can all of these affect matchmaking, first of all, the weight of the defenses determine who and how powerful your opponent will be, this goes on deeper deviating to other factors. But as simple as we can get, the lower your war weight is, the weaker the bases of your opponents will be.

Then the offense related upgrades come into play so normally for example a TH9 with a decent base and decent troops will face off against more or less the same opponent of the same upgrades, but as an engineer, you may be a TH9 but if your weight is that of a TH7, your mirror will be someone of the same weight. Moreover it pulls down the weight of your top dogs, such as a TH10 carrying a max base and Inferno Towers resulting in a desirable matchup of your favor. And in addition, your troops will be up to par as that of a TH9 therefore you can hit higher and assist in carrying out attacks.

What buildings to avoid

Some defenses need to be avoided so your war weight don't bump up too high. Some examples are the X-Bows and Inferno Towers. These buildings carry a lot of weight in war and can be detrimental to your team.

In detail, these are the buildings that carry a lot of war weight:

These are the ones you essentially don't want to BUILD because these will significantly increase your war weight.

How about the troops you ask?

The ones you essentially will need are the troops that are required to dish out 3 star attempts along with farming troops. Depending on how far you want your engineering to go these are the ones you'll need to consider apart from farming troops.

Now, I won't be going over how to use these troops in sync with each other to pull off 3 stars for your team. That'll be your problem :P

Calculating war weight and predicting your place in the war map

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