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Spells, spells and spells. They are generally a back up for your army and improve them significantly however sometimes, a misplacement of a spell can cause a fail in an attack and result in a painful loss, this is a problem mostly in Clan Wars. And here I'll provide the basics and necessary information clashers should know. (Note that due to the July 1, 2015 Update, using Lightning Spells or Earthquake Spells on storages DO NOT work any more. I repeat THEY. DO. NOT. AFFECT. STORAGES.)

Elixir Spells

Regular Elixir Spells take up 2 spaces of Spell Storage and there are 6 them.

Lightning Spell

Lightning Spell info

This is the first spell you unlock starting at Town Hall 5 and VERY helpful soon, but for starters it's effect is damaging buildings and/or troops within a certain range.

What are they good for?

  • Taking out Clan Castle troops.
  • Common use at TH7-8 War attacks.
  • Gem Box
    • Just kidding, you can't get gems by dropping Lightning Spells on it.
  • Semi-Wall Breakers
    • Can indirectly deal damage on walls but rarely destroys them.
  • Destroying Splash towers when farming.

Lightning Spell Mastery

Lightning Spells are NOT random, the bolts hit depending on the order you drop it in. The pattern is only affected if a previous spell is made using Elixir, for example, you used 4 Earthquake Spells then a Lightning Spell, it would result to the first pattern as you see here. *And if you used 3 Earthquake Spells, a Rage Spell then a Lightning Spell, it would result into the second pattern.

  • Outdated patterns, gathering pictures as of the moment and proving previous statements still under way.
Pattern Short Description
Lightning Spell Pattern 1

Figure 1. Lightning Spell as the first spell you drop.

As you can see on Figure 1, the bolts of the Lightning Spell hits the ground in a pattern, this will happen every time you use the Lightning Spell first before any other spell.
Lightning Spell Pattern 2

Figure 2. Lightning Spell as the second spell you drop.

In Figure 2, you can see the pattern of the bolts when they hit, the spot marked by the number 1 will be the first bolt to hit then number 2 will be the second and it goes on and on.
Lightning Spell Pattern 3

Figure 3. Lightning Spell as the third spell you drop.

When you look at Figure 3, you can see that the number 1, 2 and 5 bolts are kinda overlapping and it's actually pretty decent to use against Clan Castle troops.
Lightning Spell Pattern 4

Figure 4. Lightning Spell as the fourth spell you drop.

At Figure 4, you can see a similarity with Figure 3 on the bolts that hit the ground, it's also very effective on dealing with Clan Castle troops and other pinpoint drops because three bolts land on the same spot.
Lightning Spell Pattern 5

Figure 5. Lightning Spell as the 5th spell you drop.

When you analyze Figure 5, you can see that most of the bolts are off the center(the place where you drop the Lightning Spell), and it's better if you drop it off to the left a little bit to ensure maximum damage over your target.

Now that you know how Lightning Spells play out, if you keep this in mind you can become a better raider and not just drop Lightning Spells hoping that they'll hit the building or Clan Castle troops.

Healing Spell

Healing Spell info

Healing Spells are unlocked at TH6 and a main asset in TH6 War attacks(Healer+Giant, Balloons and Archers). Healing Spells heal your troops in a limited range and time limit.

When to use

YescheckWhen units are getting hammered by splash defenses(Wizard Towers, Mortars) as Healing Spells are great against splash.

YescheckHog Rider attacks ALWAYS need at least three Healing Spells to keep them alive from Giant Bombs and splash damage as well.

YescheckWhen troops got hit by bombs and are low on health, specifically on Wizards and Witches.

Note: Just be sure that there are a lot of them otherwise it will go to waste, you can use that Healing Spell more efficient than wasting it on one or two troops.

Pros and Cons


YescheckThey are good to use on tanks(Giants, P.E.K.K.As, and Golems)

YescheckExcellent when a lot of units are taking splash damage.

YescheckGreat when combined with a Rage Spell.


XmarkInferno Towers cancel out it's effect.

XmarkSingle targeting defenses can easily tarnish the effect of a Healing Spell if they're targeting one unit.

Rage Spell

Rage Spell info

Rage Spells are unlocked upon reaching Town Hall 7, more specifically when you upgraded your Spell Factory to level 3. Rage Spells are commonly used in war attacks and normal one as well because of their effect to speed up and increase the damage your Troops inflict.

Efficient Usage

It's best to use Rage Spells on a pack of troops that will take advantage of the Rage Spell for a considerable time, whether they may be stuck on high hitpoint buildings or on a wall. Also, do not overlap Rage Spells as they won't catch a lot of troops and a common sight in Air attacks such as the Balloonion, Lavaloonion and other variations.

  • Awesome Rage Spell! Catching 8/10 Dragons!
  • Well placed Rage Spell helping those Dragons kill the defending Clan Castle troops.
  • Excellent placement of Rage Spell, speeding up those Balloons and Dragons.

It's also good to combine it with a Healing Spell as it will make your troops a hard nut to crack.

Troops great to use on

  • Balloons
  • Wizards
  • Dragons
  • P.E.K.K.As
  • Minions
  • Valkyries

Jump Spell

Jump Spell info

Unlockable at TH9 and can be used to replace a few Wall Breakers in your army. It's duration is longer unlike any other spell. Jump Spells can be used to open up multiple enclosures and not to consume more Wall Breakers in the process.

A lot of strategies involve the usage of Wall Breakers on the outer layer of walls and a Jump Spell to open the center enclosure.

Advantages and Disadvantages


YescheckGreat for preventing your Troops from banging their heads against the wall while getting melted by defenses.

YescheckGood for reaching pesky Archers, Wizards and Witches hiding behind their puny walls.

YescheckExcellent when using high hitpoint ground units(e.g. P.E.K.K.As, Golems)

YescheckGood for supporting the Barbarian King and the Archer Queen get into the base.

YescheckA fine substitute for a Lightning Spell as the defending Clan Castle troops will serve as a magnet and draw in your attacking force.


XmarkDoesn't affect Air Troops(Of course dum dum)

XmarkToo early or late placement can cause your troops to go around instead of heading towards your desired path, timing is the key.

XmarkCan lead troops to disaster(e.g. A big pack of Wizards use the Jump Spell and got funneled through a Giant Bomb, although not so common but it can really happen.)

Freeze Spell

Freeze Spell info

Freeze Spells are unlocked at TH10, although not that strong at initial level, it's a very powerful one when maxed.

What to use on?

YescheckOn X-Bows, Inferno Towers.

  • YescheckClan Castle troops, but be sure to catch at least 2-3 defenses or else, the Freeze Spell will not be that efficient.

YescheckMay be used on Cannons, Archer Towers and splash defenses depending on the situation although most likely used on more powerful defenses (e.g. Hidden Teslas, X-Bows and Inferno Towers.

  • As of the October Update, Freeze Spells are buffed and now able to introduce their ice blasts into the air. This serves powerful since it does 2 major contributions. One, being able to freeze all kinds of Clan Castle Troops, including air troops. Second being able to freeze key Defenses and utilized to its maximum potential.

Clone Spell=

Admin can you pls add information about this?

Other useful information

  • When Single-Targeting Infernos are frozen, their damage will reset and vital in saving heroes when they are being targeted.
    • When in Multi-Targeting mode, it will be good to prevent low hitpoints units such as Wizards from being killed too early which can be a decisive factor in an attack.
  • Talking about X-Bows, like the Inferno Tower's multi-target mode, the X-Bow is a beast in dps, and frozen to ensure, Archers, Wizards and Witches from getting destroyed.
  • Hidden Teslas, They are powerful and when you're being a finely upgraded TH10, majority of Hidden Teslas, X-Bows and Inferno Towers are in the center compartment and can be frozen easily. Although players usually put one Inferno Tower on one side and the other in the other side so that you can only freeze one.

Dark Elixir Spells

As of the 2015 July Update, DE Spells have been introduced, taking up one space per Spell. This introduces a wider array of possible combinations.

Poison Spell

Poison Spell info

Looks like a Dark Elixir version of the Lightning Spell but its expertise lies in killing the most pesky Clan Castle troops. They aren't that powerful against Heroes but their purpose is to really kill Clan Castle troops.

What troops to use on

  • YescheckWizards
  • YescheckWitches
    • Great when luring out the Witch from the enemy Clan Castle as the Witch generates more and more Skeletons, it's hard to fight with your own troops but the Poison Spell will make quick work of the Witch's Larry Army.
  • YescheckLava Hound
    • Poison Spells do scaling damage, or to put it in simple words, act like an Inferno Tower, being able to dramatically affect high hitpoint units such as a Dragon is a nice improvement, but the bad side effect is time, spending 30 seconds waiting for CC troops to die is bad as you will not have much time to execute the raid.

Earthquake Spell

Earthquake Spell info

The Earthquake Spell is unlocked upon upgrading the Dark Spell Factory to level 2 and can be done so at Town Hall 8. Earthquake Spells do not affect buildings that much but its damage against Walls are more powerful.

Jump Spell vs. Earthquake Spell

What is better to use? Well one of them depending on the situation.Jump Spells are better to use on bigger compartments and opening up multiple enclosures, the same thing can be done with Earthquake Spells but take up the housing equal to 2 Jump Spells, note the fact that 4 Earthquake Spells can destroy ANY level of Walls(even this dude right here =>Wall11) regardless of their level.

Earthquake Spells need close tight Walls, most commonly seen in "Teaser" style bases where a lot of walls is focused on one part of the base, this allows the Earthquake Spell to do its job. Don't hesitate to spam all 4 Earthquake Spells and kill those Walls! Its radius is noticeably a lot more than the Jump Spell, and its damage on the walls in its area of effect is permanent! Not like the Jump Spell which is temporary.

Attacks with 4 Earthquake Spells are becoming common since they can do the same damage as 2 Jump Spells and they're permanent as previously stated.

Haste Spell

Haste Spell info

The Haste Spell is the dark counterpart of the Rage Spell. Similar to the difference and similarities of the Poison Spell and then Lightning Spell, the Haste Spell's specialty is to speed up troops rather than speed them up a bit slower and increase their damage which is what the Rage Spell does.

Balloons, Balloons, Balloons and more Balloons

Balloon info

I'm not jumping into the "Troops great to use on" thing, Balloons are really the only troops significantly affected by the Haste Spell. Balloons are powerful by themselves and doesn't necessarily need the extra damage of the Rage Spell or maybe not need it at all, the big downside of their mind-blowingly high damage is their movement speed which is the lowest ever.

Although the Haste Spell may have a smaller radius than its counterpart, the fact that you can carry 2 Haste Spells than 1 Rage Spell is more efficient. What we're talking about here is area coverage. Balloons are slow, in fact very slow that they can't survive on their own. If I were you I'd rather exchange those two Rage Spells into 4 Haste Spells.


Now that you know more about spells and their different capabilities, then it should be no problem whether you're raiding normally or participating in a Clan War, you will inflict total damage!


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